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Looking Forward to SASEAP 2018

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of our yearly continuing education workshop. We will be totally disappointed if we don't see you there.

We have checked our hurricane calendar and selected a week guarranteed (just kidding) not to have a hurricane.

SASEAP 2018 will be held September 14-16,2018, at the Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach. We will be watching your comments for topic and speaker suggestions and will do our best to implement them.

See you there!


2017 Workshop Credits

ASRT and the ANCC have accredited SASEAP again this year. You will receive an email with your keycode and a list of the sessions you attended.

Getting your certificate is in your hands. If you haven't received your email, it's because the email address is incorrect, you previously unsubscribed, your orgainzation blocks outside mail, or your mail system thinks the note is spam. Contact me if you don't get your certificate email.

Click here to go to the login page and enter your keycode to print your certificate. If you get a "Forbidden" message when you click on the link in the email, please click here instead. The error is caused by a bug in the mailer service.

Bob Roth
Executive Director

Continued Focus on Value and Keeping Costs Low

The economic climate continues to improve, but we know that funding for education is under relentless pressure. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding value for the money and have redoubled our focus this year. We don't want anyone who wants to attend SASEAP not to be able to do so, and will work with individuals and groups to that end.

Click here to register for this year's conference.


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